On 2007-11-11 23:09, yahya wafula <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> To whoever it may concern, sometime ago i posted a question asking for
> some assistance on how to install and operate FreeBSD, unfortunately,
> i still got stranded.

I don't remember the particular question, so it may be worth asking it
again, by a posting to our technical questions' mailing list:


> right now an idea has come to my mind and i've been thinking of
> enrolling for an RHCT & RHCE with a hope that i may gain substantial
> knowledge to help me not only manage RedHat Linux but also FreeBSD
> incase both have common performance.

Redhat GNU/Linux is a UNIX-like system too, so there are definitely good
things to gain from that system.  As UNIX-like systems, FreeBSD and
the Redhat GNU/Linux distributions share a lot of common 'design'
attributes, and many features are implemented in very similar ways.

My own recommendation would be to try *both* systems.  My own personal
preference is greatly in support of FreeBSD, but that is just that: a
personal preference for the way the FreeBSD releases work, the way the
FreeBSD team operates, and the way the overall 'FreeBSD experience'
tends to match my style of work.

> well, am i on the right path? are there any similarities between RHCT/
> RHCE and FreeBSD.  thanks alot with regards.  YAHYA WAFULA OJWANG.

There are both similarities and differences.  It's not easy to guess
what *you* would prefer, in advance.  Hence my suggestion to try both
systems and see for yourself :-)

- Giorgos

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