Darren Pilgrim wrote:
Jessica Mahoney wrote:
Quick recap:
Windows Vista: 2 minute boot, 90 minutes of battery

What tuning did you do on Vista prior to your measurements? A stock Vista install never actually goes idle, so it eats the battery life.

With FreeBSD if you run X with an alpha-blending WM and a background process to continually keep the CPU 10-20% loaded and the disk active, you also get poor battery life.

Vista, when properly tuned, will get better battery life than Vista because it can also turn off devices to save power. FreeBSD lacks the ability to power down USB, wireless and wired net devices, CD/DVD drives, etc.

I had enabled everything in the Power Management panel in Vista (six dots for Power Saving, no dots for Performance), and had the flat panel at its dimmest setting. With FreeBSD, I had the panel at its dimmest setting, average CPU load 2-5%, and had the CPU running at 800MHz. I have no idea what the CPU clock was while running Vista, since there doesn't seem to be a CPU clock monitor in Vista.
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