> > > >>> It has recently come to my attention that FreeBSD is "similar" to
> > > >>> Gentoo Linux.  I've been a Gentoo user for about 5 years and I love
> > > >>> the concept, but it feels like the project is slowing down.  I like to
> > > >>> learn/use/know one OS for server, media system, laptop, router, etc.
> > > >>> How would you compare the two OSes?
> Good Grief !  Too many questions on wrong list Grant, Install BSD
> & try it!  Not that questions & answers aren't interesting, but on
> the wrong list.  Please read the list charter for advocacy@ you got
> when you subscribed.
> Those with time & interest to read a list with individual questions
> are subscribed to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Newbie questions belong on questions@,
> not on [EMAIL PROTECTED]  As you appear to not yet even be commited to
> being a newbie, you're over quota on advocacy@
> "Compare this & that" questions can be politically loaded, often
> asked by trolls, not that I'm suggesting you are, but its happened
> before, & people may be walking on egg shells, trying to answer all
> your questions diplomatically, but sooner or later an egg shell may
> burst, to reveal those aren't safe chicken eggs but hide the snappy
> fire emitting jaws of  Jurassic Park raptors ;-) I don't want to
> see flames from accidents between *BSD (or Debian).
> advocacy@ is to eg plan advocacy & PR campaigns & media contacts/
> promos etc to attract a mass of interest in FreeBSD, It is not time
> effective, or the right forum, to here support individual non user
> questions. Please subscribe questions@ read http://freebsd.org more,
> then post to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thanks.
> Julian

I misinterpreted "advocacy" then.  I apologize.

- Grant
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