Hello people.
I got a chance to start a BUG here, in Argentina, supported by UBA (the biggest local university), actually supported by it's computer sciences deparment. They started a LUG some time ago and the university give them some support, created a Linux Lab... I was talking to the LUG people and they said the paperwork was too easy, the university is really open for these groups and they helping me with the papers and stuff for the BUG. We want to get people interested in *BSD projects at university, and outside it, the university got researchers in OSs, and, i hope, having a BUG will affect them, actually they using a real big cluster with debian (when i said "DragonFLy can kick Debian ass in the big cluster", they said they didnt even know about DF...). The university got some international conferences and congresses once, maybe 2 times every year and having a bug we should be able to get some space for BSD projects there too, mainly FBSD. What you think, should i start the papers and talking to directives in the university?
Thank you for any advice you can give me.
See ya.

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