Few examples of companies who uses FreeBSD :

- Orange Buisness Services formaly knows as France Telecom (mail relay 
/servers, auth servers)
- BitDefender (antivirus solution) as they told me their favorite platform is 
FreeBSD for mail antivir. solutions (most stable) 
- In the French speaking universe : 
  ( the list is pretty fresh)
- http://www.escapebox.net (hosting)

I think you can found other examples.
Good luck

Rodrigo OSORIO   

> Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 15:45:49 +0200
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> Subject: Help with a presentation.
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> Hi!
> I need to make a "freebsd advocacy" presentation this weekend into the
> BSDCon Barcelona'08. The problem is that I never make a presentation
> for anything :-(
> Anybody could help me with ideas?
> One of the points i would like to explain is the fact that FreeBSD is
> in more companies that the people would be think, but I would like to
> talk about other examples (not the typical Yahoo, Juniper, etc).
> Excuse me if you can't understand what I would to say, my english is
> very bad...
> Thank you very much!!
> -- 
> Have a nice day ;-)
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