Nico Revin wrote:
seems like i'm already fucked up with spam in this mailing-list

Err, not sure how to answer that, but no, it's not just you.
We've all now been the recipients of this reminder of why we
tend to use other OSes.  :-)

The lists get boatloads of spam, and we see a
fraction of one percent of that get delivered to the list.
I've never seen this exact spam-type before, so perhaps whatever
solution postmaster@ is using on the FBSD MX servers hasn't
either. . . at any rate, I'm betting it won't pass it again.
My own accounts get *tons* more spam than my FBSD lists pass
to me, even with me (occasionally) keeping SA updated.


Kevin Kinsey

2008/5/22 Micrisoft Corporation 2008 (c) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

  [welcome-left.jpg] [welcome-right.jpg]

  Critical Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB946026)

  A critical security issue has been identified that could allow an
  attacker to compromise a computer running Windows and gain control
  over your system and files.This issue has been discussed in KB946026
  Microsoft Knowledge Base. Microsoft Security Response Team recommends
  to protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft.

  Patch Information:

                        Type:  Critical Security Update
               Vulnerability:  High
             Vendor notified:  March, 17, 2008
         Update Release Date:  May, 21, 2008
               Download Size:  0.99 MB, < 2 minutes @ 56.6 modem
                   File Name:  [1]WINDOWS-KB946026-X86-ENU
           Affected Versions:  Microsoft Windows XP/2003

  To install this update, follow these instructions:

  1 Download [2]WINDOWS-KB946026-X86-ENU file from Windows Update site
  or open an attached file.

  2 Launch and follow on-screen instructions.

  3 After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer,
  to ensure a full protection.

   (c) 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. [3]Terms of Use |
                           [4]Privacy Statement


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