On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 08:13:59AM -0200, Sdävtaker wrote:
> Hey everyone, just a headup.
> Buenos Aires May 29th+30th, BSDday-Argentina.
> We still working in english versions of the site and calls, anyway you
> can already check a spanish version in http://www.bsdday.com.ar
> As soon as I get a  english version, i will send it (My english sucks
> enough to avoid trying to full translate some official stuff).
> If someone want to help in organization we still need some hands.

Having never heard of BSDday before, and living in the US, I decided to
try loading http://bsdday.com in my browser.  It's surprisingly useless,
and contains only:


What is this meant to be?  Is http://bsdday.com.ar just a regional
version of what's supposed to be at http://bsdday.com (but apparently
isn't)?  My Spanish is rusty enough that I basically can't get anything
from the .ar site, unfortunately, other than what the images convey.

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