Gonzalo Nemmi wrote:
On Friday 20 February 2009 1:48:07 pm Dan Langille wrote:
Gonzalo Nemmi wrote:
On Friday 13 February 2009 10:59:25 am Sdävtaker wrote:
I checked your site, i like it, easy to read, easy to navigate.
I forwaded it to the other guys in organization here so they can see it.

:-) Damian

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 04:30, TooMany Secrets <toom...@toomany.net>
On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 12:45 AM, Sdävtaker <sdavta...@gmail.com> wrote:
Until now, only Brazil had BSDDay before, Argentina is second country
doing it and someone got the .com domain to try centralize the event
and set more places for the coming years.
It isn't exactly a "BSDDay", but the last year (2008) I hold the first
BSDConf'08 in Barcelona, Spain.
As I am just riding the event, I do not think I can do this year. But
I'm starting to move and try to celebrate it again next year.

Here you are the site of the event: http://bcn.bsdcon.net/

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Hi there Damian.

May I ask what guys in organization are you talking about?
Who's behind it?
Who's doing the "talks and presentations"?
Who'll be reviewing the papers sent in?
Are you a just a group of people?
Do you guys have a legal status in Argentina (association/foundation)?
Are you related to some institution (University perhaps?)?
Do you guys, as a group/association/foundation have an official web page
or something to get a reference from you?
Are you guys, in any way, related to Bizarre Design
(http://www.bizarredesign.com.ar, who claims to have "Designed &
Developed" on the page but failed to mention who are the copyright
holders of every single logo on the page they "Designed & Developed"
(excep for the BSDday logo) ... unless they are the copyright holders of
puffy, bestie, the FreeBSD horny ball, fred and the netbsd flag logo and
everything I know is just wrong :s )?
Are you guys, related to OpenBSDeros.org ?

I'm asking because it's already been a week and a half and the site still
remains operational, and in the same situation ... that is, with no info
at all ... :s
Wow, give the guys a break.  And give them credit too: they've taken the
first step.

The event is two months away.  Sometimes, things take time.  Patience pays.

Maybe you took it as it was something personal or bad, but the thing is that I happen to Live in Argentina, Buenos Aires, Cap. Fed. ... the very same place the BSDday is supposed to take place .. and maybe .. if they have the right answers to those questions, I could pitch in ... a lot btw ... and get others to pitch in too ...

Now, I know that they still have two months to the event, but I also know that my job doesn't allow me to have real spare time (let alone the wife and the kids...). I may be of help, today, tomorrow, the next week, who knows? .. But I _do_ know, that I can't compromise my word without at least a 3 weeks in advanced window ..

Well, then contact them off list and volunteer to help.

So ... the fact that the event is still two months away is a plus for me .. that was why I went in "hard" on them ...

Sorry if I was misunderstood.

Don't go hard.  Go easy.  Go help.  :)

Dan Langille

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