Respected Friends,
It's my pleasure to get in touch with you. This email is about security and 
future safety of your family, your child, your wife, your friends and 
relatives. It has become very necessary to take action now and get united else 
there will be no one behind you to take care of your family, if any thing 
happens to you in future, due to the Islamic Terrorism Related Activities that 
are spreading all over the world with millions and millions of terrorists 
joining these islamic terrorism related organizations. 1/4th of the population 
of earth contains members who are working with thousands and thousands of 
Islamic Organizations to help them to spread terrorism. If we all are not 
united today then the day is not far when they all are going to over ride all 
of us and our childrens. So, better take action now to secure your and your 
children and family future. 
If you don't fight for your freedom today then there will be no one on the 
 to fight for the freedom of your children in future,
 from the corrupt politicians, from the terrorism and from the criminals.
We all can together fight together against terrorism, against crime, against 
corrupt political peoples,
Only when we decide to remain united by forgetting the religious boundaries and 
the national boundaries.
This is a step which I am trying for human safety, future and security.
Come and join us as soon as you can, before it's too late.
Agar Aaj Aap Apne Ghar Mein Chup-Chaap Baithe Rahoge, 
Toh Phir Kal Aapke Baccho Ko Help Karne Wala Koi Nahin Hoga.
Aisi Paristhiti Paida Ho, Isse Pehle Is United and Peaceful Organization Ka,
Saath Do Aur Immediately Jyada Soche Bina Join Karo,
Isi Mein Hum Sab Ki Bhalai Hai, Aur Agar Aapko Meri Baatein Bakwaas Lagti Hai,
Toh Phir Mein Faisla Aap Par Chodta Hoon, Kya Karna Chahoge,
Aane Wali Barbaadi Ka Intzaar Ya Phir Usse Makabla Karne Ki Tyaari?
Freedom of Rights Ke Tahat Faisla Aapka Hai.
I am running this campaign with a pure intention of unity amongst every citizen 
of every country so that in future we have the capacity and are able to face 
terrorism troubles. Millions and millions of people across the globe are today 
members of our organizations and I want to increase it more globally. No charge 
for joining this organization who has millions of members to help for your 
safety and security anytime, anywhere whenever you need help. No limits or 
restrictions of boundaries, caste, creed, religion because out organization's 
ultimate goal is peace and unity across the world. This is an email related to 
many issues, which are a part of your freedom and democratic rights. 
Before proceeding further, let me tell you something about me and give my 
introduction as well. The AIM is to work in co-operation, co-ordination and 
compromise with all of you regardless of whatsoever party or organization you 
belong. You are my and I am your - This is the philosophy I follow to create 
genuine long term relationship with everyone. If we all help each other 
together in co-operation, compromise and co-ordination with each other then we 
all will win our games. But seperately it's difficult task for all of us, which 
I hope all of you accept. Unity power is what I am trying to create through a 
genuine relationship with you. Anyone who wants to work in collabration with me 
under mutual understand which you think can be of great benefits for both sides 
then kindly do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I perform those tasks 
which no one can dare to perform. I like to do exclusive and unique things. I 
personally guarantee you for the best of the best once we start working 
together under co-operation and compromise with each other. Trust is a must for 
all the things. Even if you have any business related queries then feel free to 
get in touch with me. What I can do and what is my expertise is mentioned below 
in my digital signatures. I have the capacity to work 20 hours daily and can 
alone do work equivalent to 100000 persons. I have the capacity of non-stop 
work for 36-48 hours without sleep. I have experience in several industry 
sectors and can do most exclusive and unique things whether whatsoever is the 
level of competition. 
My introduction:  I am an Information Security Expert with world records in 
hacking world's maximum websites live on air in a 3 hour non stop telecast with 
Honorable Rajat Sharma(Chairman, IndiaTV) in the presence of state minister of 
technology, technical experts, legal expert, stock exchange experts, corporate 
bodies, star media personnels and millions of public in a hot debate where I 
was alone to answer and there were so many peoples on other hand and we did the 
show with huge success. We did it for national interest and public interest. 
So, it was not considered as crime/offence because every country has a law that 
any action taken for the safety of public, citizen, national interest or with 
an intention to do something good for a large number of population, is not a 
crime. Then I worked for Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat through a direct 
appointment from Mr. Narendra Modi without interference of any PA or IAS cadre 
officers or any other private level officers. He directly called me and 
communicated face to face, realized my capacity and immediately appointed me 
for a short term contract. So, in my eyes he is a great person because I have 
only seen such things in films and dramas till date, never in true life. But in 
India, Honorable Narendra Modiji was the first person whom I saw, who though 
having no relationship, not even knowing me and though I was a simple common 
man called me to meet face to face, gave me respect and then immediately gave 
me honour of work. Do you think this is a small contribution? When Narendra 
Modi won the 2007 state election in Gujarat, the media focused on Hindu-Muslim 
issues. But the truth about secret of Modi’s success lay in agriculture, an 
area completely neglected by political analysts. Between 2000-01 and 2007-08 
agricultural value added grew at a phenomenal 9.6% per year (despite a major 
drought in 2002). This is more than double India’s agricultural growth rate, 
and much faster than Punjab’s farm growth in the green revolution heyday. 
Indeed, 9.6% agricultural growth is among the fastest rates recorded anywhere 
in the world. During the 2007 election campaign, the Congress slogan was ‘chak 
de, chak de Gujarat’. I heard Modi say at a rally that his reply was “check 
dam, check dam Gujarat.” But subsequently, under Modi, Gujarat has built ten 
times as many check dams! He could well say ‘chak de, check dam’. Tell me about 
one such person which can be compared in politics with Honorable Modiji. He is 
my national hero, that's all I know if anyone asks me anything about a great 
political person. Similarly when I was a new person in my career field, at that 
time the Government was under control of BJP. At that time I got in touch with 
Honorable Prime Minister Vajpayeeji and Honorable President Abdul Kalaamji. The 
officers at that time immediately instantly gave me an appointment on reading 
my letter which had information about my expertise. I got the point, that they 
are those great personalities who want to truely without using publicity stunt 
want to help such talented people grow. This is true national bhakti in my 
view. I never even thought in my life as a common middle class person that I 
will get a chance to visit the so secured Rashtrapati Bhavan and their officers 
of concerned authorized departments. So, these are the true people whom I met 
when I decided to join the BJP, VHP, RSS and the Sangh Pariwaar. Here is when 
my mind started thinking that when these three persons on so higher 
designations are doing so much for a common  middle class person who is totally 
unknown to them, then why even myself not start helping my nation? Today they 
are helping me, may be tomorrow due to my help someone can too decide to work 
for nation. In this way I committed to work for national interest by joing 
these parties. After the government of congress that was formed after 
Vajpayeeji, I several times mailed to PMO and Rashtrapati Bhavan several and 
several of letters of which I have all the copies to show my expertise, 
achievements and awards and asked them to give me some opportunities to work 
for nation. But they never never replied in their five years period till date. 
Recently I sent so many emails about key research on terrorism, no one cared at 
all. I have no data, no reply, no communications from anyone at all from Home 
Ministry after the Congress Government came into existence. So, this is where 
the true difference comes into existence and reality comes out, truth is seen 
and this when we know whom to trust and whom not. Then I worked for Army 
Intelligence also and the Leutinent Collonel used to come to my home as and 
when they felt my need to counterterrorism. I am also a technical intelligence 
expert and keep monitoring the terrorist activities and communications that 
take place on internet. From last three days also I am continously in touch 
with IB agencies and Home Ministry of India to give them news on terrorist 
activities. This is all about my work which I do as a freelancer. Today I have 
a global brand name and a huge reputation and relationship with millions of 
Indian Citizens. You may find me anywhere on internet with around 100000 or 
more results just about me. So, this is all about me. Just go through my 
Digital Signatures and you will know all about my further details and work, etc.
Coming to point, I am here to inform all of you that take immediate actions on 
these issues are required for national interest and I need all the citizens of 
country to workout with unity on following issues because we all of us have 
been cheated in these elections of 2009. For explanation check these links and 
you will know the truth: EVM Tempering - Proved LIVE ON AIR on Sahara Samay and
Explanation on VHP/RSS/BJP/Sangh Parivar V/S Media V/S Misunderstandings About 
Sangh Parivar and it's related organizations: It's the time to come out on 
streets and stop India on it's place - Take immediate actions with full force 
for the cheating that has been done with you in the recent elections 2009. 
Millions of VHP members, millions of RSS members, millions of BJP members, 
millions of other party members are all together united now and I want to 
inform you that for your security and safety so many people will be there on 
streets. No one can dare to even touch you. Support this campaign led by 
millions of Indian citizens for the recent election cheating and frauds that 
were done with your voting rights this time. Just think that there are millions 
and millions of people in varying organizations and parties then how did such 
bogus results came out? Is it possible that so many supporters and collabrative 
parties are together with millions of citizens as their members and though such 
a difference and cheating with so many political parties, cheating with all 100 
million citizens of India. Will you keep quite after knowing the truth of game 
played with your democratic rights? No don't sit ! everytime opportunity does 
not knock the door. 

(Join your parivaar ! Be Safe and Secure ! No one can dare to touch you or your 
family members if you are a part of this Sangh Parivaar)
Forward this email to every member, every citizen of every state, every city 
and every rural as well as urban areas, and tell them also to keep forwarding 
this information to everyone and also take actions on their independant level 
as much as possible all across the nation with full force, every where in reach 
of each and every individual person all over the nation in each and every 
village, each and every family all over the nation. Let every person across the 
nation know how he/she has been cheated this time in the elections through EVM 
Tampering and modifying the programs. This was a LIVE ON AIR Evidence, so no 
one can even say that the video is wrong or has any problems or threats. I do 
my work with 100% perfection only and do not leave any option or chance for 
anyone to blame me anywhere. 
Media has always blamed RSS, VHP, all Sangh Parivaar Organizations as well as 
BJP for hindutva? Who the hell says that our organizations are only for hindu 
religions? Media self promotes themselves to increase their ratings and 
financial advertising revenues. I have evidence to prove this based on my 
research. Check these evidences:
1)  Sikandar Bakht earlier, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Shahnawaz Hussain are 
members of BJP from years. They are muslim and similar a large number of 
muslims are their in BJP. If the Sangh Parivar, VHP or BJP or any of their 
organizations are with hindu then why from years they are in BJP? Does media 
have answer to this?
2)  There are the links of all small and big organizations linked with Sangh 
Parivar: Go through all of them and their 
members and executive level members. You will find many of them are muslim. 
Then can media answer that whether which is that day or time when Sangh Parivar 
has forcefully told those muslim members to leave the organization? We are 
believers of unity and peace. We don't accept terrorism, that doesn't mean that 
we don't accept Humanity?
VHP or RSS or BJP or Sangh Parivar organization which never forcefully applies 
or imposed any particular religion related practice on any one across the 
nation. For example let's take my case. Why I am with VHP and RSS and BJP? Not 
for hindutva reasons. I am here because of unity of so many millions and 
millions of people. I have in my office all types of people of all types of 
religion. Similarly every individual who joins VHP or RSS has their own reasons 
why they are with RSS, BJP and VHP. But the idiot electronic media is 
falsefully promoting the wrong philosophy of RSS and VHP. The day when the mind 
if millions of VHP and RSS leaders and millions of their members is out of 
control. I promise that this wrong action of media will lead to end of their 
survival and will also lead to end of their company forever. They are 
falsefully showing continously wrong things about VHP, BJP and RSS philosophy. 
I have a lot of friends and colleagues in every religion. I never had any 
problems with anyone of them. Media has created the circumstances of hindutva 
related philosophy in between the public. No doubt they are promoting Hindutva, 
but there is also no doubt that they are not forcing hindutva to be applied on 
anyone. There is a difference when we talk both the things seperately. If any 
member of sangh parivar is hindu, then that member has rights of freedom to 
promote his religion. Similalry, if he is sikh he has the rights to promote 
sikhism. But either of them is not having rights nor sangh praivar's any 
organizations allows any member to forcefully accept hindutva in the way the 
Islamic Terrorism Organizations perform. This where and why I had to come out 
with this campaign to clarify everything and explain it in depth to the every 
citizen of our country and to every citizen of every nation all over world. We 
are a peaceful organization and accept all religions of all the nations.
BJP, VHP and RSS never forces anyone and/or tells anyone to leave their 
religion and join Hinduism. We are those people who wants to live with freedom 
and let other live with freedom. But media always try to misguide the general 
public by making the news sensational and then creating an issue for them to 
increase ratings of their channels and fetch financial benefits from the 
advertisers. What can BJP, VHP and RSS do in that? BJP, RSS or any Sangh 
Parivar cannot force them to stop their news. Everyone has freedom of rights to 
say whatever they want. But anyway, the media will not be able to stop coming 
out the truth in front of everyone and that day will be the end of media 
agencies. Because when that day comes peoples will be mentally so much out of 
control that they will not be able to face the 100 million Indian Public. Media 
thinks that what we will show is the only truth, because they know that a 
common man cannot come out and start his own television channel to show the 
truth. But here media forgets one thing that now New media(Internet) Era has 
came and no one is any more depended on media alone. With the help of internet 
we can even target more then the people that media can target. So, if you are 
from any religion and believe the unity then do not worry and/or get misguided 
by any media agency. They want sensational news and will use you and throw you. 
This is the truth of media agencies in India. I have faced such troubles 
several times. Trust me ! I am telling the only truth and real fact in this 
This is first 4 minutes video. To see the complete video in which you can see 
how with the help of trojan horse program the EVM results were modified. The 
complete video splitted in 6 parts can be seen here: Please check this url for complete video. I 
have to post it in parts because on youtube only 10 minutes video is allowed, 
not more then 10 minutes. Whereas my complete live telecast is of 1 hour. So, I 
will post it in parts. I have sent the video to the company for dividing it 
into parts. 
My Target is millions and millions of people which I will achieve in one month 
and will work on following poetic grounds:
Kuch Karke Humein Dikhana Hai,
Bharat Ko Aage Lana Hai !
Rhode Patthar Jo Koi Bhi Aye,
Un Sabko Hamein Mitana Hai !
Ae Bharat Ke Rehne Walon,
Tumko Bhi Saath Nibhana Hai !
Kuch Karke Humein Dikhana Hai,
Bharat Ko Aage Lana Hai.
Aaj Agar, Nahin Kar Paye Kuch Toh,
Jeevan Bhar Andhiyara Hai !
Lekin Agar Kar Paye Kuch Toh, 
Phir Yeh Desh Tumhara Hai !
Is Desh Ke Har Ek Dil Mein,
Yeh Atma Vishwaas Jagana Hai !
Kuch Karke Humein Dikhana Hai,
Bharat Ko Aage Lana Hai.
Bum Chahe Ho Bandook Samne,
Taan Ke Sina Kehna Hai !
Chalte Raho Badhte Chalo,
Agar Duniya Ko Hilana Hai !
Chal Pade Ho Jis Raste Par Tum,
Nahin Chod Ke Usko Jaana Hai !
Kuch Karke Humein Dikhana Hai,
Bharat Ko Aage Lana Hai.

(This is the mother who gave birth to our parivaar and we will all together 
respect our mother and save here from fraudsters and cheaters.)
This is urgent and needs immediate action on the matter at a large level with 
full force. This is not a work for a particular one person or party or 
orgnanization. Instead this is for all of us and we will all be proud if due to 
our efforts re-election issue comes into action. So, it needs that every take 
out some time daily to keep forwarding this issue to every one all over the 
nation in each and every village and each and every area of each and every city 
all over India. Some of the supporters are required to record the CD of the 
video and submit them to people in areas where there are no news channels or 
internet facility such as rural and tribal areas. Use the production services 
to change the language in the areas where people do not understand hindi. 
Translate it to their mother toungue language and let  them all feel from 
inside that how they have all been cheated in these recent 2009 elections. 
Because in the voting session during this LIVE on air telecast 90% people 
agreed that yes there was EVM tampering in this election due to which a huge 
change in modification of electronic voting machines(EVM) results was the 
reason of defeat of the national citizen's favourite candidates. Direct attack 
through cheating and fraud was done by winners with the feelings and emotions 
of 100 million citizens of India. Everyone should know now the truth face of 
fraud political people of Congress. It's the question of life for all of us and 
our benefits. So, hope you understand and do as much as possible to spread this 
message and explain it to every person all across the country. You can forward 
this email to all in your family, friends, organizations, colleagues, all 
employees, workers, etc. Paste the copy of this complete email article on 
internet, on forums, on blogs, everywhere possible for you. This is the way you 
can contribute to this unity project. Just post the copy as it is on article 
directories. If you need softwares to promote this email campaign, just mail me 
and I will send it to you with all explanations how to use it. In news 
sections, in comments, every where post the whole of the article. If there are 
places where images cannot be posted then just post the text contents.
Thanking you all with a hope of co-operation and compromise from all national 
citizens across the country. This is not a war for a specific party or 
political person, instead this is my personal campaign for integration of unity 
amongst the national citizens without personal benefits for national interest, 
for public interest. Truth is bitter but always wins when worked out with unity.
Kalpesh Sharma
Digital Signature of Achievements
Freelance Security Consultant, Army Intelligence
Ex-Technical Assistant  to Honorable Chief Minister Narendra Modi
Excellent Internet Marketing and Online Promotion Expert
World's Biggest Penetration Tester (A World Record Holder)
Online Technical Intelligence and Online Web Research Expert
Private Cyber Crime Investigator for Some Media Agencies (Delhi Bomb Blast Case)
Actor: Diploma in Acting from Honorable Anupam Kher's Institute
Acting Portfolio and Profile:
Email: or or 
My Services Details:
Mobile: +91-9227435453
Preferred Way of Communication: Email and SMS Only
Ahmedabad, India.
My Permanent Village Address: Village Tholai, Tehsil: Jamva Ramgarh, District: 
Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Member of the Honorable BJP, RSS, VHP and all the Sangh Pariwaar Organizations.
About Sangh Pariwaar: Do you know, today millions and millions of people in 
India are members of Sangh Pariwaar. A very huge and big Organization. Think of 
it, that if you are a member of Sangh Pariwaar then how much secure you will be 
and your family, children will be. So, simply come and join Sangh Pariwaar and 
if you have any trouble just let me know. I am there for helping everyone for 
national interest without my personal benefits. We are not Congress who just 
works for their personal benefits only. See the power of unity and huge 
organizational structure here on and all it's 
sister concern party's organizations and unions of millions of government 
employees which are all connected with Sangh Pariwaar. Check it here which 
organizations are a part of Sangh Pariwaar: and to join Sangh Pariwaar go on 
this link:

(This is who will take care of us. I promise on behalf of him because I know he 
is a great person. I am proud that he is ruling on my state)
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