I may be able to have Jenny recreate the postcards in a higher resolution format. I've cc'd her so she can let us know what she would need in order to do so.

Best, Denise

On 10/17/2011 09:00, Dru Lavigne wrote:

on freebsd.org/logo.html you can find some nice
As I just got a colour printer and want to test it a
bit, I would like to
print them out. Unfortunately, they are only in a very
low resolution, but I
would like to print them in A4. Are there
higher-quality versions of them?
Regards, Julian

Sorry but AFAIK there are no other versions with higher
reso,ution. Maybe Denise can help out?

- Daniel

I've also cc'd in Deb from the Foundation as she may know where the original 
sources are.



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