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> To Sir/Madam,
> Why are most/all software of EFF licensed under the GPL?
> EFF is not FSF, right? Excuse, but, are you promoting information/speech
> freedom or Stallmanism?
> Is EFF inclined towards copyleft parties or is it neutral?
> Excuse again, but do you think people who use BSD licenses are idiots?
> Google, FreeBSD, etc.
> If you change the license of software to BSD-like one (or MPL-like, at
> least) or at least all Chrome plugins, BSD community will be much happy.
> Thank you

I think the idea of inquiring about the EFF licences to be a good one
but I hardly think this email is well written. Are you a native
speaker of English? The tone of the email sounds accusatory and

Perhaps something like

Why are most/all software of EFF licensed under the GPL? The GPL's
restrictions preclude a large number of users from freely using the
software. For example the FreeBSD Project is actively phasing out the
use of GPL like restrictions and Google prefers the use the 2-BSD
license.  Would it be possible to change the license of __(specific
software)__ to a BSD-like (or even the Apache license)?

Or something of a similar nature would be a nicer way to put it.

Eitan Adler
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