Andy Young <> wrote:
> After using Linux for almost 15 years, I only recently started using
> FreeBSD. I own an internet startup and was looking for a solution for
> implementing large-scale storage servers. In my research I found ZFS and
> subsequently found FreeBSD. As I learned more about it, I was incredibly
> impressed. There are so many elements of FreeBSD that I love,

Can you name a few?

> I've
> completely ditched Linux and am deploying FreeBSD exclusively on my
> company's server infrastructure.

It would be interesting to read about your infrastructure, the reasons
why you found FreeBSD to be a better fit than what you used before,
challenges during deployment and migration, any resulting
performance/maintenance improvements, etc.

A short article or a blog post with the above maybe?

> I can't help wonder why I hadn't heard all
> about it before. Sure, I knew the name, but I had never seen it in use,
> either in college or in over ten years as a software developer since then.
> In contrast Linux is everywhere! Even though there are so many applications
> where FreeBSD seems to be a better or at least more mature solution.
> What are the current efforts to promote and educate people on FreeBSD? I'd
> love to help spread the word.

(Adding freebsd-advocacy@ to CC).
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