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> On 4/27/12 10:16 AM, Andy Young wrote:
>> After using Linux for almost 15 years, I only recently started
>> using FreeBSD. I own an internet startup and was looking for a
>> solution for implementing large-scale storage servers. In my
>> research I found ZFS and subsequently found FreeBSD. As I learned
>> more about it, I was incredibly impressed. There are so many
>> elements of FreeBSD that I love, I've completely ditched Linux and
>> am deploying FreeBSD exclusively on my company's server
>> infrastructure. I can't help wonder why I hadn't heard all about it
>> before. Sure, I knew the name, but I had never seen it in use, 
>> either in college or in over ten years as a software developer
>> since then. In contrast Linux is everywhere! Even though there are
>> so many applications where FreeBSD seems to be a better or at least
>> more mature solution.
>> What are the current efforts to promote and educate people on
>> FreeBSD? I'd love to help spread the word.
> Hi Andrew,
> Your message caught my eye because of your company name in your
> signature.  I thought I had seen it somewhere before, and I had - I
> was at the VentureX competition at the abi when you won the grand prize!
> I'm down the road in Hollis, NH, and I have been to a few of the
> Wednesday meetups at the abi.  I am a FreeBSD ports tree committer,
> and like you, I found it a number of years ago after getting so
> frustrated with the multitude of different Linux flavors.  I needed an
> OS that was packaged consistently, and the ports tree was a huge win
> for me.
> After submitting a number of PRs over the years, I was invited to
> become a committer, and I have mentored other new committers since
> then.  If that is ever an interest to you, we should talk about it.
> Anyway, I would be happy to meet with you to talk about FreeBSD in
> general, as well as advocacy, if you want.  I'm interested to learn
> more about how you are managing your infrastructure, too.  We
> currently making heavy use of jails and are also in the midst of a
> project implementing a Puppet-based server provisioning framework.
> We could certainly give a short overview of FreeBSD in one of the
> meetups at the abi, and maybe there's even call for a user group, if
> there's enough interest in the area.
> Cheers,
> Greg

Wow! Talk about a small world. I'd love to meet up. I'll send you a direct 
email and maybe we can grab coffee or something next week. 

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