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> Howdy,
> Thursday evening at 18:00 BST I pushed changes to teachbsd.org that update
> the page so that it points to a new github repo, owned by the teachbsd
> organization (https://github.com/teachbsd).
> The organization is run by Robert Watson and myself.
> We can add or remove collaborators if and when that becomes appropriate.
> The initial repository (https://github.com/teachbsd/course) contains all
> of the material for the practitioner and masters style courses as well as
> a PDF for the teaching guide.
> All of the material is licensed under a BSD doc team license, also visible
> in the repo and on the github site.
> Our goal now is to initially recruit a small number of universities to
> partner
> with us to teach this material, and to have the number grow as we polish
> the material.  We also wish to solicit contributions of similar teaching
> material
> for inclusion in the site, via links at first, and into the repo if that
> seems appropriate
> at a later time.
> We will keep you posted on our progress.
> Best,
> George
> _______________________________________________

In my opinion , one of the most important tools in such a work is the
ability to display
stdin , stdout and stderr on different monitors alongside with output
monitor(s) for graphic displays such as Gnome or KDE or any other X based
desktops also .

This requires additions to FreeBSD sources to definition of such
application which requires to use at the same time multiple graphic cards (
on board , PCI , USB , etc. , simultaneously ) .

My knowledge is not sufficient to achieve this .

This will allow watching execution steps on line instead of diverting them
to file and then read the contents of file .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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