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Author: gonzo
Date: Tue Oct 18 20:17:57 UTC 2016
New revision: 307576

  MFC r306355, r306474, r306746:

  Add Elantech trackpad support

  Elantech trackpads are found in some laptops like the Asus UX31E. They
  are "synaptics compatible" but use a slightly different protocol.

  Elantech hardware support is not enabled by default and just like
  Synaptic or TrackPoint devices it should be enabled by setting
  tunable, in this case hw.psm.elantech_support, to non-zero value

  PR:           205690
  Submitted by: Vladimir Kondratyev <>
  MFC after:    1 week

  Replace explicit TUNABLE_INT to sysctl with CTLFLAG_TUN

  - Replace tunables-only hw.psm.synaptics_support, hw.psm.trackpoint_support,
      and hw.psm.elantech_support with respective sysctls declared with
      CTLFLAG_TUN. It simplifies checking them in userland, also makes them
      easier to get discovered by user
  - Get rid of debug.psm.loglevel and hw.psm.tap_enabled TUNABLE_INT
      declaration by adding CTLFLAG_TUN to read/write sysctls that were
      already declared for these tunables.

  Suggested by: jhb

  Fix extended buttons support on synaptic clickpad

  Fix regression introduced by r306355 on synaptic clickpads with
  extended buttons (buttons stopped working)

  PR:           205690
  Submitted by: Vladimir Kondratyev <>

_U  stable/11/

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