Based on the continuity of our last CORE Office Hours The FreeBSD CORE Team 
would like to invite you all to a virtual town hall meeting. As mentioned 
earlier this session is timed at 0200 UTC on 14th October, 2020 geared towards 
the other part of the World but everyone is welcome to join. See for details on how to join either a live 
stream to watch, or an interactive meeting to participate. A link to this 
agenda (and any updates) will be there as well.

We’ll be discussing the following topics and taking general questions at the 
end. We’ll have a moderator who will help call on people in the meeting to ask 
questions (or to offer comments) as well as relay relevant questions from IRC.

a. Git Transition -- To raise awareness, Ed Maste and Warner Losh will be 
giving a brief presentation about the state of the project’s planned transition 
to git. They can answer a few questions here, but are also planning an entire 
office hours on the git transition (tentatively scheduled in two weeks).

b. Recruiting for project teams -- When a new core team takes over, it’s a good 
time to assess the needs of each of the teams that we have running different 
aspects of the project, such as administering our machines and helping keep 
FreeBSD secure. One common theme is the need for more help. We’ll discuss what 
teams there are, and make a recruiting pitch and answer any questions.

c. Core TODO List publishing -- To continue the openness initiative, the core 
team will start publishing out TODO list. This will be in addition to the 
normal meeting minutes and other openness ideas. The new core team would love 
to hear from the community how to improve our communications.

d. General Questions -- Time permitting, the core team can answer any other 
questions or concerns the community might have.

Thanks! We look forward to meeting you.

Moin (bofh), with core-secretary@ hat on

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