Hello everyone,

We’ve now been using git for 6-9 months for maintaining changes to the 
defferent parts of the project. The main goal of the transition was to move 
tools without a huge change to other work flows, but with the notion that we’d 
do so once things had settled down. In the interrim, the main maintainers of 
Phabricator have announced they will cease doing so and a community effort has 
sprung up in its place. The testing coverage after commits has increased. 
However, there’s not been any coordinated efforts to integrate individual 
efforts into a greater while. Finally, we’re explicitly inviting all members of 
the FreeBSD community to participate so that more members of the community can 
more easily contribute to the project.

Warner Losh will be leading a discussion at our next core office hours from 
those people that have expressed an interest in moving to the next set of 
things. The discussion will take place on 13th September 1700 hours(UTC) during 
our OfficeHours homepage https://live.freebsd.org/FreeBSD/officehours/. We 
would have a limited number of panelists and there will be Q&A using the IRC. 
If you have any questions that you would like to be addressed you can also send 
the questions to c...@freebsd.org beforehand.

Looking forward for your particpations.

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Moin (bofh), with core-secretary@ hat on

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