>> Jan 04, 2018:
>> The BSD community, not just FreeBSD, should look into creating a standard 
>> driver for Bluetooth v4, and forget completely about versions 1.2, 2.x, and 
>> 3.x. Worrying about versions 2 and 3 is a complete waste of time. 
>> Bluetooth v4 dongles are now inexpensive, and are backward compatible with 
>> devices of lesser Bluetooth versions.

> Takanori Watanabe wrote:
> I wrote some code for Bluetooth LE and partly committed to the HEAD.
> I use HOGP mouse. https://github.com/takawata/FreeBSD-BLE

Hi, is all of it under https://svnweb.freebsd.org/base/head/usr.bin/bluetooth/? 
Does the one at github work for several Bluetooth versions? Thank you.
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