--- Comment #1 from Aleksander Alekseev <> ---
A few updates on this ticket.

1) Previous discussion

2) Installing libtxn_dxtn-20140604.txz from here fixes a
problem. (Mirror: )
So problem is really caused by a missing package. What happened to it? Didn't
find any corresponding records in /usr/ports/UPDATING.

3) After installing a package FPS is very low (from 10 to 40 FPS depending on
window size) and textures are rendered very weird:

I need to add user to 'video' group:

sudo pw group mod video -m eax

... and re-login or run `su eax` (since adding user to the group doesn't apply
immediately - ) to fix this. After this
everything renders as expected!

I strongly believe that this is a very inconvenient for users. Any chance it
could be considered a bug (a minor one)?

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