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Yes; after some discussion with feld@ I actually realized that this issue is
the actual root cause of problems I've been having with socat in my own
environment. The 'proper' way to terminate socat is SIGKILL, not SIGTERM. Right
now it sounds like daemon(8) isn't even working as intended and desired; now
we've got cases that are exposing further shortcomings. (And no, I'm not using

What's supposed to happen is that when I issue a SIGKILL to daemon(8) it is
supposed to pass that SIGKILL through to the child immediately, then terminate
itself. Basically any signal should be passed through verbatim, then handled by
daemon(8) itself. That doesn't appear to be what's happening; at least not
reliably. So, it seems to be a mix of bug and shortcoming.

This definitely warrants some further discussion to see what the preferred
resolution to both issues would be.

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