Bug ID: 213479
           Summary: [patch] Fix ggatec; should support other than BIO_READ
                    / BIO_WRITE
           Product: Base System
           Version: CURRENT
          Hardware: Any
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Keywords: patch
          Severity: Affects Some People
          Priority: ---
         Component: bin
          Keywords: patch

Created attachment 175746
a workaround for the problem

When G_GATE_CMD_START ioctl require some operations other than BIO_READ /
BIO_WRITE, current implementation of ggatec sometimes stops working because it
uses uninitialized hdr.gh_cmd variable confuses ggated.

A patch try to solve this situation by returning EOPNOTSUPP, like ggatel does.

Maybe BIO_FLUSH and BIO_DELETE should be supported on ggate protocol by
assigning GGATE_CMD_FLUSH and GGATE_CMD_DELETE commands respectively, in the

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