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I updated the patch so it applies to -head and 11.1.0. I tested it and seems to
work fine.


$ ./tftp
tftp> Ctrl-C
tftp> Ctrl-C
tftp> Ctrl-Z   <--- No crash
[1]+  Detenido                ./tftp
fernape@beastie:$ fg
tftp> help
Commands may be abbreviated.  Commands are:

connect         connect to remote tftp
mode            set file transfer mode
put             send file
get             receive file
quit            exit tftp
verbose         toggle verbose mode
status          show current status
binary          set mode to octet
ascii           set mode to netascii
rexmt           set per-packet retransmission timeout[-]
timeout         set total retransmission timeout
trace           enable 'debug packet'[-]
debug           enable verbose output
blocksize       set blocksize[*]
blocksize2      set blocksize as a power of 2[**]
rollover        rollover after 64K packets[**]
options         enable or disable RFC2347 style options
help            print help information
packetdrop      artificial packetloss feature
?               print help information

[-] : You shouldn't use these ones anymore.
[*] : RFC2347 options support required.
[**] : Non-standard RFC2347 option.
tftp> mode
Using netascii mode to transfer files.
tftp> Ctrl-C
tftp> Ctrl-C
tftp> mode  <--- Up arrow shows the history

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