Bug ID: 225666
           Summary: WDC WDS120G2G0A-00JH30 SSD need
           Product: Base System
           Version: 11.1-STABLE
          Hardware: amd64
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Some People
          Priority: ---
         Component: kern

Created attachment 190320
system log

The WD Green SSD drives (tested in my case with WDS120G2G0A-00JH30 with
firmware: UE300000) needs to operate properly. Without
this quirk there will be silent data corruptions of the SSD drive.
It would be nice if this can be built into the kernel in ata_da.c.

camcontrol devlist
<ST3000DM001-1CH166 CC24>          at scbus0 target 0 lun 0 (ada0,pass0)
<Marvell Console 1.01>             at scbus7 target 0 lun 0 (pass1)
<WDC WDS120G2G0A-00JH30 UE300000>  at scbus8 target 0 lun 0 (ada1,pass2)
<USB Flash Drive PMAP>             at scbus10 target 0 lun 0 (da0,pass3)

camcontrol identify ada1
pass2: <WDC WDS120G2G0A-00JH30 UE300000> ACS-2 ATA SATA 3.x device
pass2: 600.000MB/s transfers (SATA 3.x, UDMA6, PIO 512bytes)

protocol              ATA/ATAPI-9 SATA 3.x
device model          WDC WDS120G2G0A-00JH30
firmware revision     UE300000
serial number         174802802899
WWN                   5001b448b6978e35
cylinders             16383
heads                 16
sectors/track         63
sector size           logical 512, physical 512, offset 0
LBA supported         234455040 sectors
LBA48 supported       234455040 sectors
PIO supported         PIO4
DMA supported         WDMA2 UDMA6 
media RPM             non-rotating

Feature                      Support  Enabled   Value           Vendor
read ahead                     yes      yes
write cache                    yes      yes
flush cache                    yes      yes
overlap                        no
Tagged Command Queuing (TCQ)   no       no
Native Command Queuing (NCQ)   yes              32 tags
NCQ Queue Management           no
NCQ Streaming                  no
Receive & Send FPDMA Queued    no
SMART                          yes      yes
microcode download             yes      yes
security                       yes      no
power management               yes      yes
advanced power management      yes      no      0/0x00
automatic acoustic management  no       no
media status notification      no       no
power-up in Standby            no       no
write-read-verify              no       no
unload                         no       no
general purpose logging        yes      yes
free-fall                      no       no
Data Set Management (DSM/TRIM) yes
DSM - max 512byte blocks       yes              8
DSM - deterministic read       yes              any value
Host Protected Area (HPA)      yes      no      234455040/234455040
HPA - Security                 no

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