>It can be challenging to determine who is a legitimate part of the
community and who is an outside interloper capitalizing on a political
I think this is the heart of the issue. It's interesting how there was all
this discussion about the CoC heading in this direction all over the
mailing lists, on twitter, etc, and only now that it's been imposed, are
all these opponents coming out of the woodwork saying they were never asked.

We get all these comments about how the new CoC encourages feminism
(protip: anyone who instantly bristles at the term probably lack an
understanding of it) and enforces a bunch of, in their opinions,
non-issues. But they were issues. That's why the CoC had to change.

As far as I can tell, the new CoC only discourages the kinds of speech that
never had any business being in any discussion of FreeBSD, or any technical
project, in the first place. It's kind of a shame we got caught up this
whole discussion, but I guess it goes to show that it was never about
ethics in games journalism.
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