Subject: How to Configure WhatsApp (with existing 21 GB Large Data) to
use 64 GB external microSD card on Used Samsung Galaxy S5

Author: Mr. Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming
Country: Republic of Singapore
Date Range: 6th to 8th April 2018, Friday to Sunday
Location: Singapore

Timestamp of this article: 8th April 2018 Sunday 9:24 AM Singapore Time GMT+8
Document Version: 1.0

Background trial and error information

Performed factory data reset three times (3x) after purchasing
used/second hand Samsung Galaxy S5 for S$150.

Rooting used/second hand Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 5.0

1. Kingoroot failed to root.

2. Safely Root One Click Root (must pay to use, aborted)

3. iroot (China software) failed to root.

4. Chain fire auto root rooted successfully.

Configuring WhatsApp to use external SD card.


1. XInternalSD, which depends on Xposed Framework, is not compatible
with Samsung stock ROMs and therefore dangerous to use, aborted.

2. FolderMount (root) looks promising.

3. Link2SD, which needs to create 2nd partition on SD card, doesn't
get mounted. ClockworkMod Recovery image cannot be installed.


Backup WhatsApp with 21 GB data to local storage and Google Drive.
Since we are going to use local backup to restore WhatsApp on the new
phone, it is especially important that you make the local backup
carefully and properly. Copy the local backup to harddisk, eg. D

Buy used/second hard Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android 5.0) from Why Mobile
at Far East Plaza, #03-126, Singapore for S$150 on 6th April 2018
Friday at 7:30 PM.

Carry out factory data reset of the used phone three (3) times.

Root the used Samsung Galaxy S5 using Chain Fire Auto Root according
to the instructions in (correct).

Install SuperSU.

Install Root Checkers from Google Play Store to make sure your new
mobile phone is rooted.

Install FolderMount(root) and give it Administrator/superuser access.

Open FolderMount, click the + sign to the right of List of pairs at
the top. Configure Folder pair settings as follows:

Name: WhatsApp

Source: /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp

Destination: /storage/extSdCard/WhatsApp

Tick "Exclude from media scan"

Click OK.

Turn on WhatsApp in the list.

Buy a 64 GB Samsung Class 10 U3 microSD card from Popular Book Store
in Singapore on 7 April 2018 Saturday at 12 noon.

Quick Format the 64 GB microSD card using the exFAT filesystem on your
Windows computer.

Using Fast Copy software, copy the entire WhatsApp folder from D:\
drive to the root of your 64 GB microSD card.

Insert the 64 GB microSD card into Samsung Galaxy S5.

Make sure that the database file msgstore.db.crypt12 with the time
stamp 7 April 2018 Sat 1:21 PM exists in

Make sure WhatsApp is turned on in FolderMount(root).

Uninstall WhatsApp from Settings > Applications > Application Manager.

Make sure WhatsApp is turned on in FolderMount(root) again.

Install WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

Verify your mobile phone number in WhatsApp.

When WhatsApp is Looking for backups from the network connection,
click Skip twice.

***This is very very important, click Restore to restore from local
backup ("pseudo internal storage so to speak because of the
FolderMount), not from Google Drive.***

383,551 messages restored.

Success! That's all folks.

Restart Samsung Galaxy S5.


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