On Fri, 2016-10-14 at 06:42 +0300, clutton wrote:
> I've started porting 54 version of chrome.
> 7823 left to build before new complications would be met :)
> If you want to help in any way, let me know.
> I'm writing mainly because if someone would work on the this task,
> let's cooperate.


From this point 4 major issues left. Nothing hard, just C++
investigation, but those issues would take some time to resolve.
I could give a direction, etc, because for me alone it would take a lot
of time.

Like a TimeTicks class issue, I change something and the whole thing
depends on it, recompilation takes a while, like 11000 tasks. If
someone would take some other task, like activity_observers, etc, we
could finish the whole thing faster.

The code has changed a lot, and for better, they use more system
independent approach now everywhere. What is not for better - they
started using linuxism in _posix.cc files. Somewhere it could be very
simply to change it for the posix analogy, somewhere it is not so

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