Grzegorz Junka <> writes:

> On 20/07/2018 19:28, wrote:
>> --- Comment #81 from Jan Beich <> ---
>> Can someone check if the patch in bug 181741 has any effect? Maybe some hangs
>> (e.g., cache on high latency storage but not GPU driver bugs) are due to IPC.
>> Just a wild guess.
> Do you know in which version of Chrome it ended up?

FreeBSD 12.0 or try -CURRENT. Only kernel matters, you can postpone
upgrading base/userland and ports/packages as long as the kernel config


  An innocuous change in Firefox 63 made tabs hang on *every* page, so a
  Mozilla engineer that maintaines IPC code got curious and tracked it
  down to a kernel bug. As Firefox IPC is based on old Chromium IPC I
  made a guess that Chromium may suffer from a similar issue but whether
  it's related to the notorious hanging tabs is unknown.
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