Brian F. Feldman once wrote:

> > I  suggested  about  half  a  year ago  that  we  should  officially
> > desupport   non-FPU  configurations   in   4.0.  Unfortunately,   my
> > resolution was soundly defeated.
> Why  shouldn't we?  Noone  uses machines  without  FPUs anymore.  What
> non-ancient CPU doesn't have an FPU?  And we're talking about the i386
> family here...

"One  should NEVER,  EVER  generalize".  My laptop,  for  example, is  a
386SX25 with 8Mb of RAM. Minicom, fetchmail, sendmail, and elm work just
peachy on it. To answer someone  else's question about the OS version on
it -- it is 3.2-BETA as of beginning of May, pretty recent...

Made  by Digital  (may  they RIP)  it is  quite  reliable, although  the
on-board battery is  no more, and I  have to re-set the time on it after
the external battery runs out.

I'd rather  see the  FPU emulation remains  available, although,  by the
time 4.0 becomes -stable (when?), I _may_ retire the poor thing.


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