According to Matthew Dillon:
> :And how do you create dumps from a kernel that hasn't finished booting
> :(not gotten to the stage of reading rc.conf)? 'dumps on' in kernel
> :config does not seem to do the job.
> :
> :Nick
>     You can do it manually from /etc/rc.  If it doesn't even get that far,
>     you used to be able to specify it in the kernel config but I do not know
>     if that is possible any more.

I think that is Nick's point.  You can no longer specify a dump
device in the kernel config file.

troutmask:root[203] config TROUTMASK
config: line 41: root/dump/swap specifications obsolete

On the other hand, you should have kernel.old or a fixit
floppy available.


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