>>the generic code is missing mainly update of the interrupt masks when
>>an interrupt is unregistered.
>For the low level side, we could consider something like the following code.
>But this shall be called by the nexus layer and then needs generic newbus
>support (as you said above, didn't you?).

> * Switch an irq from a maskptr to another without unregistering the irq
> * handler.
> * This function is supposed to work with only one handler per irq.
> */
>switch_masks(intrmask_t *oldmaskptr, intrmask_t *newmaskptr, int irq)

I don't like most of this.  Driver level code won't even know the
correct maskptrs.  (irq, maskptr) pairs depend on i386 implementation
details for uniqueness.  Use { s = splhigh(); BUS_TEARDOWN_INTR(...);
BUS_SETUP_INTR(...); splx(s); } until/unless the newbus level provides
a better interface.  The problem with the masks not being updated when
interrupts are unregistered should be fixed in update*_masks().


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