On 08-Aug-99 Cejka Rudolf wrote:
> I have switched graphics card from S3Virge to ATI Mach64 RagePro rev 92
> with 8 MB RAM a I have noticed that VESA module doesn't work with this
> graphics card on my -current box - I can't use VESA_XXX console modes now.
> Command kldstat says there is loaded module vesa.ko. No errors are
> reported when I'm trying to unload/load vesa.ko module. Kernel reports
> during boot:
> VESA: v2.0, 8192k memory, flags:0x0, mode table:0xc024f622 (1000022)

These cards' VESA support sucks.  It requires an extra software driver to be
loaded, which they provide for DOS/Win9x, etc.  I have a whole lab of 40
machines that use 320x200 splash screens as a result of this nonsense.  :)


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