FWIW - I enabled APM over the weekend, configuring drives to
spin down when not used for a good period of time. I get the
message you list below, alternately with status 50 and 58, any
time a drive needs to spin up.

Myself, I'm curious about why the access light stays on on just
one of the three hard drives once it's gone to sleep and come up
again. The identical hard drive on the primary drive controller
doesn't exhibit this behavior.

--- Doug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>       I'm starting to see the following errors more frequently on
> my 3
> servers running current dated July 30. 
> Aug  6 14:08:36 <kern.crit> /kernel: wd0: interrupt timeout
> (status 58<rdy,seekdone,drq> error 1<no_dam>)
> Aug  6 14:08:38 <kern.crit> /kernel: wd0: wdtimeout() DMA
> status 4

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