The following has also been submitted in the form of a PR.
I am posting the information here because I think this will be of interest to
others out there as well.

If this is not the correct way to do it, or the correct place, please guide me
to the correct path, as this is my first submission (But probably not the last)

Here is the case:

FreeBSD-current does not support all NE-2000 compatible network cards,
nor will it probably ever do, but with the patch included below, at least some
cards will be supported.
The following will add support for a card, which under Windows platforms is
recognized as a CNet NE2000 compatible.

Quite simple patch...

        ****** START OF INCLUDED TEXT ******
*** if_ed.c     Tue Jul  6 21:22:44 1999
--- if_ed.bak   Tue Aug 10 16:36:03 1999
*** 3443,3448 ****
--- 3443,3449 ----
  static pnpid_t edpnp_ids[] = {
        { 0xd680d041, "NE2000"},
+       { 0x0090252a, "CNet NE2000 Compatible"},
        { 0 }
        ****** END OF INCLUDED TEXT ******

Erik H. Bakke
Habatech AS

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