On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Bob Bishop wrote:

> >> Can anyone explain why every time I upgrade world, my hard earned 'record'
> >> file whilst playing hack(6) gets overwritten by /dev/null, and also all
> >> the user 'bones' and 'save' files rm'd?
> >
> >Blimey!  I wondered where all my rogue(6) scores were going.  This is an
> >excellent idea.  I'll submit a PR, with your diffs and some for rogue.
> I think you'll find that hack(6) itself silently removes save and bones
> files that are older than the binary, a precaution because it relies on
> data layout in the file. This is a PITA but nontrivial to fix.

Yes, hack will invalidate any save or bones file that is older than the
mtime of (hard coded!) "/usr/games/hide/hack".  And it tells you about it.

But I can live with that.  Its the trashing of the 'record' file that I'm
most concerned about.  If this file was untouched during upgrades, I'd be

The other point is that the data layout hasn't changed since the game was
first brought into the tree (circa Sep '94).

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