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>It seems to be the case that the possibility of specifying a major
>number of NOMAJ in DEV_MODULE has vanished.

The cmaj and bmaj in DEV_MODULE are only used for ordering the drivers,
and otherwise with no significance.

You should store your majors in your cdevsw structure.

I don't particular like the concept of DEV_MODULE registrating
the cdevsw by magic.

>cdevsw_add() doesn't have any code for handling NOMAJ any longer.
>(The only mention I can find of NOMAJ in a -current kernel tree from
>19990811 are these:

>which makes me wonder how the promcons works...).

Fine, see above.

>Is this intentional that there isn't there any support for dynamically
>assigning major device numbers or is it an accident that I should go
>and rectify?

The previous code was a hack and inflicted problems.  The right
solution, (until DEVFS of course) is to add two new functions:
alloc_cmaj() and alloc_bmaj() and use those.

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