> It sounds like ppp is simply exiting immediately.  I'll turn debugging
> on and give it a shot myself; perhaps somebody broke something.
> - Jordan
> > I should have also stated that I tried all the other "F" keys also.
> > The only vty that is available/active is vty1 for debugging. Every other
> > F-key gets the "beep".
> > HTH in solving my problem
> > 
> > fwiw dept.- I have been using FreeBSD since 2.21-R

Errum, if this is a re-install, I may see what the problem is.  I 
changed sysinstall to run ``ppp install'' as sysinstall now writes an 
``install'' label into ppp.conf.  Might it be the case that a 
reinstall doesn't add the ``install'' label ?

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