>I also get the keyboard problem periodically, and I've been
>trying to isolate just what I do to cause it. Generally, if I
>reboot and don't hit a key before FreeBSD boots, it never
>happens. If I tap enter to abort the countdown, the keyboard
>scrambles perhaps one time in five.

If you hit the keyboard at the "wrong" moment during keyboard
initialization, the keyboard driver may get confused.

In your case, you type something before the kernel is loaded and that
seems to be causing the trouble.

Such key input should be discarded by the keyboard driver before it
tries to initialize the keyboard.  There may be a nasty timing problem

As a temporary workaround, please apply the following patch to
/sys/dev/atkbd.c and see how it works.


>Resetting seems to be the only remedy. This persists with two
>different keyboard models and on unplugging and reinserting the

Index: atkbd.c
RCS file: /src/CVS/src/sys/dev/kbd/atkbd.c,v
retrieving revision 1.12
diff -u -r1.12 atkbd.c
--- atkbd.c     1999/07/18 06:16:25     1.12
+++ atkbd.c     1999/08/14 03:10:40
@@ -1153,7 +1178,7 @@
        /* save the current controller command byte */
-       empty_both_buffers(kbdc, 10);
+       empty_both_buffers(kbdc, 200);
        c = get_controller_command_byte(kbdc);
        if (c == -1) {
                /* CONTROLLER ERROR */

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