My understanding on your problems is:
1. Standby by PM timer in BIOS setting fails with the system activity.
2. No new process can be started after resume.
Is it correct?

1. My laptops also fails if the console or window is updating by the
   output from running commands.  But standby on other unused console
   (ttyv1 or something), monitor blanks.  Standby usually never stop 
   disk activities.

2. Do you have `calcru: negative time' messages after resume?  One of
   my laptops has this problem, doesn't restore the countdown register of
   i8254 on resume.  After resume, my laptop is getting very slooooooow,
   takes 2 mins to shutdown...  If your problem is the same as mine,
   hack in PAO (i8254_restore() in /sys/i386/apm/apm.c and
   /sys/i386/isa/clock.c) would be helpful for you.
   Another possibility is apmd configuration.  Is it correctly configured?
   Please try to disable apmd to make it clear whether apmd causes
   your problem.

> Apm does not seem to be behaving correctly on my computer (running
> yesterday's CURRENT)

Is this first time for you?  Have you met the problems before or just

> if more info is needed, just let me know what to do. Thanks =).

I'd like to have your dmesg output.  Are you using desktop PC, right?

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