Mike Smith scribbled this message on Aug 16:
> >From the perspective of an integrated namespace, we've already made the 
> wrong moves insofar as vm.* should be kern.vm.*, vfs.* should be 
> kern.vfs.*, etc.  Either the entire kernel namespace should have a 
> presumed leading kern. (and the existing kern.* nodes need to move) or 
> we should relocate stuff to reflect a more ubuquitous naming 
> arrangement.

hmmm... last I thought, all of sysctl was information about the kernel,
so why don't we stick vm, vfs, net, hw, machdep, user, and p1003_1b all
under kern??  I mean, net is all the parameters of the kernel networking,
the hw is the hardware the kernel is running on, machdep is more machine
dependant (though what is so machine dependance about msgbuf?) info about
the kernel, even user contains kernel paramters for the user process...

everything could be stuck under kern.* if you really wanted to, and then
it just moves the "top" level up to kern.* and doesn't help any... and
if we avoid expanding our top levels, we will soon end up w/ sysctl names
that are 80+ characters long because they are 10 levels deep...

if you can't tell, I'm in favor of the linux.*

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