:We didn't go as far as modifying the structure definition, just the
:few "bcount" variables in the ccd.c code.
:The problem was that we were seeing bcount go "negative".  I believe that
:"newfs" of the ccd would panic the kernel, reliably.  Even on "smaller"
:ccds (1 Gbyte), I believe.
:I'm talking about ccds configured as in:
:  ccdconfig -c ccd0 0 0 /dev/da0s1c
:I know, this is fairly worthless as it stands, but it is done so we can
:later "upgrade" the ccd to a mirror.
:RSN, we will be moving to vinum.  Hi Greg!
:Linux, BTW, does s/w RAID5.  But, it seems you can't operate in degraded
:mode, and the RAID5 reconstruction happens at boot time.  We've got a 130
:GB RAID5 volume under Linux that takes about 10 hours to "ckraid".  I hope
:that this box never panics!
:-Mark Taylor
:NetMAX Developer

    This is very odd.  I use several multi-disk ccd stripes, including one at
    BEST across three 18G drives (one 54G partition!).  I've never had a 

    I believe that at some point in the past 'newfs' and 'fsck' had overflow
    problems, but those were fixed.

                                        Matthew Dillon 
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