I saw that yesterday, and fixed it by:

        cd /usr/src
        make includes
        cd /sys/i386/conf
        config -r CRITTER
        cd ../../compile/CRITTER
        make depend

In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Christopher Masto writes:
>Yesterday and today, after a cvsup and kernel build, I get a panic
>very early in the boot on my laptop.  What's left on the screen is a
>general protection fault in kernel mode, and an attempt to trace just
>causes another panic.  Tomorrow I will put a serial cable on it and
>get some details, but I'm guessing that this comes from the recent
>BUF_STRATEGY stuff, possibly breaking in the wd driver (which might
>be why there hasn't been a report yet if most everyone is using ata).
>I'm stuck with wd for the moment (pccard compact flash stuff), so if
>that's it and it hasn't been repaired by then, I'll dig into it.
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