the PnP probe you added panics my HP800CT during boot.

With -v it prints (typed from barely legible notes:)

        PnPbios: Found PnPBiosdata 0xc00ff000
        PnPbios: Entry e8000:33e1 rev 1.0
        PnPbios: eventflag at e801b
        OEM ID 1826744e

and then panics with a pagefault at EIP: %058:0x343e, fault address
0x100e.  Adding some debugging showed me that this happens on the
very first call to bios16_call().

The funny thing is, this happens after a cold boot (hard reset),
and goes on until I have booted my /kernel.good (from before your
change) just once.  After that, and until next hard reset a -current
kernel boots just fine.

Smells like som unitialized data or something to me...

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