Hello All!

I have got a $#|7load of crypto updates that I'd like to commit; they
are all over my tree, so let me describe what they do, and anyone who
wishes to review any part of them can get the appropriate bits.

1) Revisit the way libscrypt/libdescript get built. This is partially
based on Brandon Gillespie's work, and is also inspired by what Kris
Kennaway is trying to do, although it contains very little of their
work. It is more a framework change to ease future expansion and to
clean up the area. I am trying to reduce the size of the unexportable
areas as well.

2) Upgrade compile_et to the latest offering from KTH in Sweden. This is
needed for the new KerberosIV/eBones and Kerberos5/Heimdal. This will go
into src/contrib. This code is radically different from MIT compile_et,
but compatible with it.

3) Upgade libdes. This is mainly for KerberosIV and Kerberos5. It does
not hurt anything else. This will go into src/crypto.

4) Upgrade our KerberosIV to KTH's latest offering (1.0pre5).

5) Various fixes to ease the import of Kerberos5/Heimdal when the
compatible version is released. Kerberos5 will be in a directory
structure analagous to the current kerberosIV.

Producing complete diffs may be a bit of a pain, but I can come up with
any part of the above without too much of a hassle.


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