Trouble could be if ripit picks up from stat(2) before
it opens the device, we don't know the underlying blocksize
until after open, floppy drives for instance support many
different sectorsizes.

What is the name of the port you're using ?

In message <409.935917817@localhost>, "Jordan K. Hubbard" writes:
>> This could be another si_bsize casualty.
>> Try this patch
>Nope, it still occurs.  You're definitely in the right ballpark
>though since I added some printfs and it's this check:
>       } else if (ssp->dss_secshift != -1) {
>               if (bp->b_bcount & (ssp->dss_secsize - 1))
>                       goto bad_bcount;
>Which is now failing.
>- Jordan

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