I just committed changes to if_xl to make it use the miibus support
instead of its own MII support code (which I ripped out with much gusto).
I've tested this with a 3c905, 3c905B, 3cSOHO100-TX Office Connect and a 
3c905C and it works fine for me, however Murphy's Law dictates that I may 
have goofed something up without realizing it. Non-MII cards should still 
work as before, however if they don't please let me know quickly.

Also, I'm not 100% sure about the 3c905B-COMBO. The 10/100 support ought
to work fine just as with the other cards, however I can't be certain
about the BNC and AUI ports. If you've got one of these, please test it.
You should see the 10base5 and 10base2 media types available on the
interface when you do ifconfig xl0 and you should be able to turn them
on, as well as switch back to the RJ45 port.

Assuming I haven't broken something horribly, the major benefit of
this is that code should be xl driver code should be smaller than
before, and the 'wait until autoneg completes' delay at boot is now
gone. Lastly, the link state should now be properly reflected by
ifconfig (active or no carrier).


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