> >> How about struct timeval instead?
> Timevals shouldn't be used in new interfaces.  Use timespecs, which are
> both Standard and more future proof.


> >Firstly we are talking about time deltas, and on the sysctl side of things
> >it's very hard to set 'timevals (as you'd need to set two different
> >variables) so you need a single value on teh userland side of things.
> sysctl can handle structs.  The problems are that sysctl(8) has little or
> no support for inputting structs, and timespec units might be inconvenient
> (sysctl -w kern.quantum=0.001000000 vs sysctl -w kern.quantum=10000).  We
> already use microseconds instead of nanoseconds for kern.quantum because
> nanoseconds  resolution is unwieldy and not needed.

# sysctl -w kern.quantum=1000us
# kern.quantum: 1000us -> 1000us

is an argument for settling on a single future proof structure.


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