On Fri, Sep 17, 1999 at 11:24:41AM +0200, Brad Knowles wrote:
>       Their best results on an F630 with 1000 files and 50,000 
> transactions were 253 transactions per second, 799.91 KBytes/sec 
> read, and 817.89 KBytes/sec written.
>       I just ran this same test on an old PPro 200Mhz system with 128MB 
> of RAM and softupdates on a Western Digital Enterprise 4.5GB hard 
> drive.  I got 282 transactions per second, 869.09 KBytes read per 
> second, and 888.63 KBytes written per second!  This ancient machine 
> with a single slow hard drive, but running FreeBSD 3.3-RC with 
> softupdates beats their *expensive* NFS file server!!!

My results running postmark on a PII-450 with 196MB RAM and an IBM Deskstar
DJNA 352030 running -current as of a few weeks ago are:

1000/50000      UFS+softupdates         MFS             NFS

tr/s                    218             1562            100
read kb/s               699.05          4870            321.56
write kb/s              714.77          4980            328.79

The NFS server is a PII-233 with 32MB RAM (I know...) and a Maxtor 91728D8
IDE disk running 3.2R.

It seems strange that the 'old PPro 200' would have better results than my
PII-450, but there's probably some optimizations that I haven't done yet.


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