On Sep 17,  2:03pm, Brad Knowles wrote:
} Subject: Re: More benchmarking stuff...
}       Sadly, when I go to the second set of tests (20,000 files and 
} 50,000 transactions), my performance goes into the crapper.  I know 
} that softupdates trades memory for speed, and I guess this PPro 200 
} w/ 128MB RAM just doesn't have enough memory to keep up.
}       For this stage, I now get:
}               Transactions per second:        33
}               KBytes Read per second:         79.66
}               KBytes Written per second:      144.31

I'd expect a NetApp to do a lot better than UFS on FreeBSD if there are
large directories.  Directory lookups in UFS require a sequential scan
whereas the NetApp filesystem uses some sort of hashing scheme.

Also FreeBSD only caches a limited number of directory blocks.   This
was discussed on -hackers in April.  Search for the subject "Directories
not VMIO cached at all!".  Matt Dillon posted a patch to to better
cache directories (at the possible expense of wasted RAM and which breaks

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