I've just been bitten by the following, so I figured I might as
well warn others. From a quick glance it doesn't seem to have been
mentioned, or not clearly enough, in this list.

        - libscrypt/libdescrypt major number has been
          bumped a few days ago.
        - /usr/bin/login and friends are now linked against libscrypt
          instead of libcrypt.

The bottom line is, if:

        - you don't have crypto sources on your machine
        - you were using a symbolic link from libcrypt* to
        - you used that to link to an old libdes binary

then ***test*** your compiled login binary before you reinstall

Thanksfully I kept an older -current on another machine from which
I could find a working copy of login, which saved me from totally
ruining my night.

But I'll be sure to install complete crypto sources first thing
tomorrow morning on my machines.
Pierre Beyssac          [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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