On Mon, Sep 20, 1999 at 09:16:13PM +0000, Adam Strohl wrote:
> adams@nightfall(21:13:30)$ su
> Password:load: 0.35  cmd: su 407 [ttyin] 0.00u 0.00s 0% 664k
> As soon as I hit enter I get more:
> load: 0.32  cmd: su 407 [ttyin] 0.00u 0.00s 0% 664k

I saw that, too. That might be a strange side effect of the
libcrypt->libscrypt change (note how it happens with programs which
ask for a passwd). I just get SIGSEVs right now when I try su but
I've had the same as you at least once before that.
Pierre Beyssac          [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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